Chicken curry: recipe to spice up life

A rich chicken curry is the recipe ideal for sharing love with those who sit around your table. Its mixture of spices and spicy flavor will surely please you.

This famous recipe from Southeast Asia, originally from India, has already traveled the planet and in many countries, it is adapted to add typical ingredients that enhance its flavor and bring diners closer to the gastronomic culture to which they are accustomed.

So that you learn how to make a meat paella or take it out of the stadium with a spectacular chicken curry, we share the simplest recipe to prepare this delicacy of Asian gods:

chicken curry recipe

Let’s shine, chef! Get your ingredients ready, take out your kitchen utensils and take note of this preparation that will not take much time and will be the delight of your guests:

Preparation time15 minutesCooking time 10 minutesCategoryMain CourseCookingAsianKeywordsCreamy, Spicy, SpicyFor how many people3ServingMediumCalories160Fat8.6 g


  • 1 whole breast without skin
  • 1/2 big onion
  • two cloves of garlic
  • A tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon curry powder
  • A tablespoon of tomato sauce or paste
  • 200 grams of heavy cream (if you have coconut milk, you can replace the heavy cream)
  • Parsley
  • pepper to taste
  • Salt to taste


Step 1. Cut

Take the breast, remove fillets and then cut it into squares of the size and thickness you want. The recommendation is that it be approximately 2 or 3 cm. Also, cut the big-headed onion and garlic into fine squares. Finally chop a good amount of parsley and reserve it.

Step 2. Sauté

Put the tablespoon of oil in a large skillet and let it heat over medium low heat. Once it takes temperature, add the onion, garlic and curry, while stirring to integrate. Let it cook until the onion is transparent. Add the chicken and add salt and pepper to taste. Allow the breast to brown, continuously mixing all the ingredients.

Step 3. Add liquids and serve

For your chicken to hydrate, add the tomato sauce or paste and the milk cream (or coconut milk) trying to mix everything well. Let the sauce thicken a bit for about two minutes and you’re good to go. Serve a good portion in individual dishes and, to taste this delicacy!

For you to have it clearer, we share a video with the step by step of the complete recipe:

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