Chichila Navia’s «shameless» photo that drives many crazy

Chichila Navia surprised again on social networks with a very sensual photograph.

The actress remembered for her role as Mechas, in the series Oki Doki, does not stop impressing her followers on her Instagram account. Lately, she has posted several pictures of herself where she shows off her new sexy figure which she claims she has achieved with diet and exercise.

However, this time he left more than one crazy by posting an image during his vacation in Barcelona. In the photo, he appears wearing a black patterned swimsuit while enjoying the sand and the sea. In addition, he took the opportunity to accompany the image with a message in which he stated “I have no words to define the beauty of the Mediterranean (…) I am very shameless!”.

As expected, Chichila Navia received hundreds of comments and more than 50 thousand «likes» from her fans. These were some of the messages that attracted the most attention:

I have no words to describe the beauty and beauty of you Chichila.

instagram comment

How good is this old lady?

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Mijita what a great body, all my admiration. Each day more beautiful.

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How about the photo with which Chichila Navia surprised her followers?

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