Chemistry with a person, these 6 signs will tell you if you have it

With these signs you will realize if there is chemistry with a person. Perhaps you feel confused every time you have it in front of you, if this note has happened to you, it is for you.

The situation is simple, when you are with him, you perceive that they always treat each other with too much affection, but neither gives a direct message of wanting something more than a friendship relationship.

If you feel insecure about what you experience when you are next to that boy, the following signs will serve as a guide.

What is it to have chemistry with someone?

There are quite a few ways to know, or at least suspect, to know what it is to have chemistry with someone, by paying attention to the following signs:

#1. Body language

This signal plays a very important role and it is impossible to ignore, even, we also use them and sometimes we don’t even know why we do them, these are the most obvious.

  • lick your lips
  • Leaning towards each other while they are talking
  • blush at what he says
  • restless and sweaty hands
  • play with her hair

These subtle cues can show chemistry, attraction, and rapport when verbal communication isn’t flowing. If you and the other person exhibit similar body language, that’s a good sign!

#two. they are always smiling

It’s hard not to smile when you’re with someone you like. After all, you are feeling this powerful magnetism that draws you to each other, and there is no one else you would rather be with right now. How can you not smile?

If you and the other person can’t stop smiling and are trying to control your smiles, there’s a good chance there’s a lot of chemistry there.

Sometimes you don’t need to interact with them to enjoy the benefits. They just look at each other and automatically feel more positive. A simple look and your day lights up.

Good humor lessens problems, makes time pass faster and is even a good aphrodisiac.

#3. Eye contact is intense

Eye contact is extremely powerful when it comes to chemistry. Just by looking at how two people look at each other, you can tell a lot about their bond and connection. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, so what better way to get to know each other than through eye contact? These are some «postures» of the eyes that indicate chemistry.

  • Dilated pupils
  • arched eyebrows
  • A fixed, focused gaze.
  • A look that goes from the lips to the eyes.

#4. They are aware of each other, one of the most important signs to know if there is chemistry with a person

Even in a crowded place, you and the other person are more attentive to each other. You are always focused on what the other is doing or saying, even if you are not interacting with each other at the time.

This can also distract you from other areas of your life, constantly checking your phone for messages.

You find yourself struggling to focus at work and forgetting about things you normally appreciate. Remember, try and find a balance and don’t forget your friends and responsibilities.

#5. They enjoy time together

When you’re with this person, hours feel like minutes. Time flies in a way that really surprises you, and you always feel that your time by his side is over too soon.

Also, they never get bored while together and this could be due to:

  • Deep, long conversations: It’s like you can talk and talk forever and never run out of things to say.
  • Share common hobbies or fun activities to do together.
  • Enjoying a comfortable and friendly silence.
  • Just spending time together and doing your thing individually, together.

#6. There is a slight but palpable tension

The chemistry between two people can cause tension to stretch between two people and physical attraction and desire play a huge role in signs of chemistry between two people.

It can make a space the two of you inhabit feel like the air is thick enough to cut through it.

Of course, keep in mind that this type of desire and tension is not, by itself, self-sufficient, relying on this alone when building a relationship usually ends badly.

Remember that among the signs that there is chemistry with that boy are not only intimacy, it is also about the body, mind and soul at the same time.

This tension can also lead to other things, like higher levels of sensitivity, you are more affected, both positively and negatively, by what the other person does.

Try to stay rational and keep your thinking positive.

When two people have chemistry

Chemistry is not something you can force. It is inherently natural and not something you can wish to happen. You and someone else have it, or you don’t, period.

It’s about that connection, that spark and that immediate infatuation.

Although chemistry plays a big role in many relationships, be careful not to let it be the only thing that defines your partnership.

Positive thinking will confirm that the chemistry is great, but too much can be your downfall.

It is best to use chemistry as the first building blocks of a stronger bond or connection. Build and build on this foundation until you have created something special and meaningful out of it, something that is deep, not superficial.

How long does the chemistry between two people last?

It is related to the circumstances and way of loving of each person, however, several experts warn that the human brain after two years of interacting with the same person modifies its functionality by adapting a position of comfort or tenderness in front of the same individual.

Let us know your opinions about it, have you had chemistry with someone? Do not forget to share on your social networks, your friends will appreciate it.

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