Chemical reactions of love in our body

This is how our body reacts when we are in love, our palms sweat, we turn red, we are shy, our heart rate changes and we feel butterflies in our stomach, we cannot walk safely and we even daydream.

The truth is that when we feel attracted to someone, our body secretes a large number of hormones that modify it and affect our attitudes. A study reveals the mystery of «red cheeks» and other signs of love.

From the tachycardia to the dumbfounded look, through the sweaty hands and some blush on the cheeks. There are many symptoms and one diagnosis: we are in love. And the question inevitably arises: what is the organic and chemical process that produces these alterations like?

The answer was given by a study carried out by the Department of Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Loyola University (USA). According to their results, when we fall in love, a true invasion of chemical substances is generated throughout our body, which are responsible for these physical mutations and the general well-being that we feel.

As explained Domeena Renshawresearch director, the cocktail brain-chemical of lovers includes dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine. The first is responsible for the euphoria felt in this state and the other two, for tachycardia and lack of sleep.

the secret of pleasure

When performing MRIs on the brains of people in love, it was discovered that, when faced with the feeling of Cupid, blood flow to the center of pleasure increases.

To this we must add the decrease in the level of serotonin in the neurons. And what does it produce? This would be the reason why, especially at the beginning of the relationship, «we only have eyes for our partner», explains the researcher Renshaw.

Taken from Entremujeres