Chayanne is looking for the woman who broke his heart

Chayanne He is considered without a doubt one of the sexiest Latin men, but in the past a woman rejected him and broke his heart.

It is no secret to anyone that the Puerto Rican interpreter has an invaluable musical career for history for his beautiful songs. However, he has also stood out for being a «dad» and regardless of the passing of the years, they continue to talk quite well, that’s why many melt for Chayanne.

Who is the woman who broke Chayanne’s heart?

However, it was not always that way, because a woman was responsible for breaking the singer’s heart when she rejected him without thinking twice. This was made clear by Chayanne when she revealed «I was 13 years old, I proposed to a girl I liked, but she told me I was too young to be with her, which disappointed me».

But things changed and that is precisely what the singer wants to make that girl see. For this reason, he assured that he is looking for her to tell her that everything has changed over time and that that moment marked her life forever. “Now I am looking for her, I want to tell her the little things I have learned, when I find her I will tell her what I told her”Chayanne said. What will this girl think now?

And you, Have you ever lived close to having your heart broken by rejecting you as happened to Chayanne? Leave us your comments in this note and share on all your social networks.