Celebrity Children’s Halloween Costumes 2019

Tomorrow is Halloween and in this 2019, the famous already they began to publish their children’s costumes.

The children of celebrities always know how to make Instagram users fall in love. However, on Halloween they do it even more because of how cute they look in their costumes. If you still don’t know what to dress up your children as, here are some ideas.

Violetta and Valentino, children of Carolina Soto and Germán González

The presenter usually shares several photos with her children, but on several occasions she has been criticized for the luxuries she gives them. This year she dressed Violetta as Snow White Already Valentine’s Sheriff Woody of toy story.

Dante, son of Ana Karina Soto and Alejandro Aguilar

Ana Karina Soto also dressed her son as Sheriff Woodythe famous cowboy from the movie toy story.

Salvador, son of Melina Ramírez and Mateo Carvajal

There has been much speculation about the separation of the couple, but a few days ago Mateo surprised the presenter with a very romantic detail. the baby has 2 months old and captivated with his tender disguise of spider-man.

Matías, son of Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque

The presenter of Day to day, has defended himself from the criticism that has been made with the upbringing of his son. Yesterday she defended herself from those who criticized her because her son still wears a diaper. The truth is Matías fell in love with more than one with his dinosaur costume.

Emilia and Cristobal, children of Catalina Gómez and John Sampedro

The presenter also decided to dress up her son as one of the characters from Toy Story, but she did not do it as Woody but as Forky Already her daughter dressed her up as Stitch.

Tell us which costume you liked the most and don’t forget to share this note with your friends who have children, it will surely help them!