Celebrities who went into politics in 2022 and got burned

And you voted in the elections? Some celebrities were also in the polls but as candidates. These are the celebrities who went into politics for the 2022 elections and they lost.

There were several celebrities who in Colombia decided to enter politics and launched their candidacies for the Senate of the Republic and the House of Representatives for the legislative period that runs from 2022 to 2026. However, many were called but few were chosen. and we tell you how it went for some of them.

They are the celebrities who launched into politics in 2022

Despite the fame, several stars of the national show business burned at the polls last Sunday, March 13, 2022. We will tell you how the elections went, who was left out and who reached a seat.

Celebrities who were burned in the 2022 elections

Ana Victoria Beltran

The actress, known for her role as Daniela Franco in Fathers and sonswas launched to the Chamber of Representatives by Bogotá for the New Liberalism, but did not manage to obtain the necessary votes.

Mabel Lara

The journalist also ran for the New Liberalism but to Congress and was burned, since the closed list of her party failed to exceed the threshold of enough votes to consolidate itself in said institution.

vanessa mendoza

Miss Colombia 2001 was a candidate for the Democratic Center for Congress, but only obtained 700 votes.

Caterine Ibarguen

The Olympic medalist was head of the Party of U Senate list, however, the votes for her did not reach the threshold and she was left out for this period.


Finally, the Olympic fighter Jackeline Rentería (Partido de la U) and former goalkeeper Juan Carlos Henao (Gente en Movimiento) did not get the necessary votes either, she for the Chamber for Valle del Cauca and he for the same institution but for the department of Caldes.

Celebrities who did well in the 2022 elections

Agmeth Escaf

Until now, the only one of the celebrities on this list who has achieved a seat is this actor, who reached the necessary votes for the Chamber for the department of Atlántico with the Historical Pact.

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