Celebrities who are «others» without their hair

Meet the celebrities who owe, in part, their career to their hair.

Farrah Fawcett

Audrey Hepburn

What would Margarita Rosa de Francisco be, for example, without her blonde streaks? Although many celebrities are «pelifacetic», because they change their hairstyle like changing clothes, others, on the other hand, have an image so ingrained in our pupil that we want to see them always the same, with the same iconic hairstyle.

Fortunately, many of them explore new looks but return to their favorite cut, to our peace of mind.

what would become of Shakira without her hair, which although it is naturally black, we already see her strange if she is not cute?

or the singer Sinead O’Connor with hair?

We share below some fAmosas that without their hair, according to InStyle magazine, they would have been part of the bunch