Celebrities who are not afraid of loneliness

They are the Colombian celebrities who are not afraid of loneliness and so they talked about the subject openly.

They didn’t believe in the fairy tale where Prince Charming appears and then they live happily ever after. These famous Colombians assure that they are not afraid of loneliness and incidentally they talked about what they think about the famous phrase of “the train will leave you”.

The famous Colombian women who talked about not being afraid of loneliness

A famous entertainment program set out to see which were the famous Colombian women who were not afraid of loneliness. Tatiana de los Ríos and Michelle Gutty were the first to ensure that loneliness was also important to be able to give positive things to a couple and that it was a state that should also be respected at some point.

Xilena Aycardi, for her part, mentioned that she has never been afraid to think of being alone and affirmed that she is going through a moment where she is a lover of life, although at 30 years of age she was afraid of the phrase “the train is going to leave you.” . However, she mentioned that love has no age and that is precisely why there is no age to say that she was left without finding a partner, although in the end she mentioned that she does not see herself married again.

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