Celebrities sing Color Esperanza in their isolation by COVID-19

In Colombia, celebrities sing Color Esperanza in their isolation to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, international stars stand in solidarity and invite people to remain calm during these days of quarantine, promoting the #YoMeQuedoEnCasa campaign.

Celebrities sing Color Esperanza in their isolation by COVID-19

With the aim of transmitting optimism and solidarity to all Colombian homes to face the emergency that is being experienced by the coronaviruscelebrities from the Colombian show business decided to send a moving message.

Inspired by the idea you had the renowned actress Gal Gadot, who in the company of other artists interpreted imagine by John Lennon; personalities like the actor Julio César Herrera and the announcer Uschi Levythey invited several national figures to interpret Hope color.

The announcer said that after seeing Gadot’s viral video, communicated with the actor and together they promoted this initiative. Likewise, they chose the song originally performed by the Argentine singer Diego Torres, to make their video.

For its part, Julio Cesar said that it did not matter if everyone sang the song well or notbecause it was about “singing with the heart”.

Personalities such as Paulina Laponte, Gabriel De las Casas, Aida Bossa, Uschi Levy, Gusi, Vladdo, Lorna Cepeda, Natalia Ramírez, Andrea Gómez, Eduardo Luis, Karoll Marquez, César Mora, Luciano D’alesandro, Mabel Moreno, participate in the video. Julio César Herrera, Iván Lalinde, Martina ‘the dangerous’, Santiago Alarcón, Santiago Reyes, Diego Torres, Julián Arango, Carlos Calero, Andrea Guerrero, ‘Chichila’ Navia, Luis Carlos Vélez, Óscar Córdoba, María McCausland, Gustavo Gómez, Camila Esguerra, César Escola, Natalia Reyes, Javier Fernández, ‘Tino’ Asprilla, Piter Albeiro, Juan Eduardo Jaramillo, among others.

Through Twitter, Diego Torres thanked those who were part of this video and ended by saying that “Music continues to be a bridge between human beings”.

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