Catherine Siachoque, a sensual goddess of the networks

The beautiful 48-year-old woman from Bogota has her more than 4 million followers open-mouthed for a reason, a photo published on her social networks, this is Catherine Siachoque, a sensual goddess.

In the photo published by the wife of Miguel Varoni on his Instagram account, he appears posing on his back with just a half-dressed robe.

In addition, she appears adorned with a necklace that falls from her neck and goes down her entire back, something that adds a touch of sensuality to the photo.

Linda Catherine Siachoque, a sensual goddess

The photo, in addition to being incredible, also has a text with which many people have also identified, making the photo become more viral.

“…It’s not about who’s nice to your face, but who’s loyal behind your back!!! Or not ?????…»

Instagram Catherine Siachoque

The message is forceful and makes it clear that, for her, what is really important are those people who remain loyal behind her back.

What will her husband Miguel Varoni think? Let’s remember that she and Varoni are one of the most stable couples in Colombian entertainment.

Miguel Varoni must feel like the luckiest man to be married to a tremendous goddess.

Apparently this photograph is part of a photo session and that he began to publish a while ago, here is another image of the beautiful Catherine.

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