Catalina Aristizabal: Her physical changes after 20 years

After a 20-year career on television, how has Catalina Aristizabal changed?

Catalina Aristizabal is one of the most beloved presenters on Colombian television. Today, at 40 years old, she is one of those mature mamacitas who have become models to follow for hundreds of women who would like to arrive preserved to the fourth floor.

Despite her youthful appearance, the host of the 2018 challenge celebrates 20 years of television career. Back in 1998 she started as a presenter for the entertainment section of the RCN newscast, do you remember her? She some time ago Catalina published an image on her Instagram account of that time.

Look at the before and after of this beautiful paisa, when she was barely 20 years old versus now!

The most evident change in Catalina Aristizabal’s face is a noticeably thinner facebut that is something completely normal that could occur over the years, taking into account the strong exercise regimen that she follows to maintain such a great body.

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One thing we can assure you, Catalina Aristizabal has a problem with good whiskey: the more years pass, the better it gets!

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