Cat-friendly apartment

In the wild, cats always take their prey to a quiet and safe place before eating it! Therefore, there should also be a protected place for feeding in the apartment. It is important for the well-being of the cat that it is always fed in the same place and at fixed times. The cat must be left alone while it is eating. The food should be offered in several small meals, five portions per day are recommended. The animals behave similarly in the wild, they don’t eat their prey as one large meal, but rather in small portions throughout the day. Make sure that the wet food does not stand for too long, as the food spoils quickly. Cats eat a balanced diet that doesn’t just consist of mice, so indoor cats should also be offered some variety.

It’s a well-known fact that cats generally don’t drink much. It has been found that cats much prefer to drink water when it is not right next to their feeding area, as this feels unnatural to them. So put a water bowl in another room and the cat will be more likely to accept the liquid! A cat fountain can also be a good incentive to encourage cats to drink more.

Cats have been seen happily drinking from the sink or bathtub. Therefore, make sure that there are no residues of detergents and cleaning agents left behind.

A cat that lives exclusively indoors also needs cat grass. This helps her to pass the hair she swallowed while brushing, either through the intestines or by vomiting.