Cast of ‘Betty, the Ugly’ met and nostalgia invaded us

The cast of «Betty, la fea», the telenovela written by the late writer Fernando Gaitán, met once again to fill our hearts with nostalgia.

Why did the cast of Ugly Betty?

We the fans of Ugly Betty We are always aware of the best kept secrets of Ecomoda and other details of the telenovela, as they make us travel back in time and fill us with nostalgia.

nicknames like The Peliteñida, The Mostrete, The Pupuchurra and even The Ugly BarracksThey will be stored in our memories forever. And it is not for less, it has been one of the most successful telenovelas in the world.

Even, after 20 years from the first broadcast of the telenovela, the actors have an endearing and lasting friendship with those who were their co-stars in 1999.

This was evidenced in the last publication of the actress Luz Estradawho shared a #tbt in which he appears in the company of Lorna Cepeda, Martha Isabel Bolanos, Stephanie Gomez Y Anna Maria Orozco.

The photo, apparently, was taken during one of the editions of Betty Theater. The followers of the soap opera did not take long to comment on how well the actresses looked despite the years.

If you are still one of those who have not seen Ugly Betty or you simply want to relive the funny scenes in the barracks, you can find the chapters on digital platforms like Netflix.

And you, are you a fan of Ugly Betty? Tell us in the comments!

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