Carolina Ramírez was inspired by these women to interpret «La Reina del Flow»

Carolina Ramirez revealed who was inspired to give life to ‘Yeimi Montoya’, the protagonist of the series «La Reina del Flow».

«La Reina del Flow» was a successful series not only in Colombia but worldwide, many people got involved with the story and its protagonists. Precisely showing the feminine side of a genre in which only men stood out along with the feelings of women was what allowed the series to win international awards.

The women who were inspiration for Carolina Ramírez

For this reason, Carolina Ramírez revealed that two well-known artists in the musical environment were the ones who led her to create a character that moved hearts. It is about two music greats, Jennifer Lopez and Ivy Queen, that’s why she assured «The first thing I did to start building ‘Yeimy Montoya’ in “La Reina del Flow” was to establish real references and some very clear ones appeared before me. The first to emerge was Jennifer Lopez and as soon as I saw her I knew that this was the style she wanted to give the character, although later I investigated wonderful behaviors of Ivy Queen“.

However, the actress assured that the most difficult challenge she had to face was with herself, since she did not particularly enjoy a genre like reggaeton or the unmeasured use of female sexuality. “It really took a lot for them to convince me to agree to participate in “La Reina de Flow”. Then I let myself be convinced by the characteristics of ‘Yeimi Montoya’. One of the determining facts was that the character was the age of Carolina Ramírez and I finally stopped doing 20-year-olds in front of the cameras.”

The truth is that she was finally in charge of giving life to this woman who, with her stories, is going around the world along with much more Colombian talent.

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