Carolina Ramírez made a radical change in her look

The actress remembered for her role in the production ‘The Queen of Flow’ Carolina Ramirez made a change of look that has to do with his next character.

Carolina he arrived in Mexico a few days ago to continue with his personal projects and one of them is the character named ‘Amanda’as he wrote on Instagram.

Precisely, his most recent publication on social networks has to do with his change of lookas his chin-length haircut is evident.

Carolina Ramirez did

48 hour look. (Public to immortalize)
BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS EPHEMERAL… (soon “Amanda” will take her place @unicorn_film )
Thanks to @jepalenci Already @sean_derbees for her amazing makeup and hairstyle (cut), but more for her energy 🇻🇪❤️🇲🇽💪🏽

The hot actress for the past few months she has always worn her hair shoulder lengthHowever, this time her change is more evident with the help of makeup.

This is how Carolina looked just a few days ago in Argentina

Let’s remember that only a few days ago Carolina had a home accident when she tried to despire herself during her stay in Argentina.

Just as Carolina was, tell us if Do you remember any change of look that has lasted a short time?how did it go, did it work for you or ‘that talk was lost’?

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