Carolina Gómez drove her followers crazy with her feet

The remembered actress of “La Venganza de Analía” Carolina Gómez drove her followers crazy with a beautiful photo of her feet.

While for much of women, their feet are the part of the body that they least likeCaro has shown them without any problem.

Y he did it in a very sensual waythe actress from Cali shared a photograph on her social networks in which she shows her perfect feet.

With this photo Carolina Gómez drove her followers crazy

The more than a million followers of the actress did not hesitate to praise the beautiful photo with your comments.

No one:
Absolutely nobody:
Actually, no one: Me: I zoom in to see the reflection of your face haha🥺♥️ you look beautiful Carito♥️

Beautiful legs, I would give you a massage 😍

But what a little thing 🥺❤️ I send you cuddles My dear 🌺

Beautiful legs and feet to caress and kiss… With a sensual voice, kneeling at your feet😍😍👏👏

One of the most beautiful legs in the world…..👏

Some time ago Carolina Gómez drove her fans crazy with the images of a radical change of look in which it looks unrecognizable.

In an interview Caro confessed that her favorite part of her body is her legsLet’s remember that she was Miss Colombia.

According to studies, for some women the part of their body that they least like is feet, hands, back, butt and lips in that order.

And you, Which part of your body do you like the most and which part do you like the least? Leave your opinion in the comments.