Carolina Gaitán revealed what her relationship with Jose Gaviria is like

Carolina Gaitan revealed to his followers through an interview how is his relationship with Joseph Gaviriaalso jury of X Factor.

Since it was announced that Carolina Gaitán was going to be the new jury of Factor X, many of her followers were excited by the news. However, many doubts arose as to what her relationship with her partner Jose Gaviria was like.

Carolina Gaitán told her followers what she thinks of José Gaviria in Factor X

The arrival of Carolina Gaitán to Factor X was one of the novelties for the new season of the program that is in charge of finding new talents in the world of music. The actress also shares a set with Jose Gaviria, which is why many of her followers had the doubt of knowing what the relationship of both jurors was like, to which Carolina responded.

The singer assured in the middle of the interview “Surprisingly, since it has such a reputation for bad vibes, it seemed very cool to me because I think that when they tell you: ‘Batteries, it’s tenacious’, rather, all wrong, you arrive very forewarned“. In addition, she was then emphatic in mentioning “He has touched us all the time because he is literally next to me and on many occasions we coincide in musical taste (…) We have surprisingly gotten along well”.

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