Carolina Cruz shared Salvador’s first steps, divine!

The host Carolina Cruz shared Salvador’s first stepstheir second son, who at his young age has faced enormous health challenges.

The second son of Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomeque He is a baby who from a very young age had to face great health challenges, and his mother was inspired by him to create the Salvador de Sueños Foundation, which seeks to help little ones with low economic resources.

And it is that only a mother understands what it is like to deal with the illnesses of her children, especially when they are rare and attack them from a very young age; that is why Salvador’s first steps are great news that Caro celebrated in his networks social.

This is how Carolina Cruz shared the first steps Salvador

The first steps of any baby are a great event for the whole family, however, Salvador’s are also a huge achievement for him, due to the struggle he has had to wage with his health problems.

It also vibrates with…

It is for them that it is a triumph, worthy of applause, and that is how his mom proudly showed it…

“What a beautiful man, Salvador and you have taught us that love and faith work great miracles. Infinite blessings!!!!😍😍😍👏👏”

“Beautiful!!!😍😍😍😍 I love that baby so strong, beautiful and brave!!! God bless you!!!»

«Salva doesn’t get stuck, very intelligent she got a walker, how beautiful it is ❤️🙏😍»

“Beautiful, what a blessing. A wonderful opportunity to learn🖐”

They were some of the messages that Caro left in said post.

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