Carolina Cruz said that she never kept her ex Daniel Arenas

Caroline Cruz decided to break the silence and cleared up the rumors that she kept Daniel Arenas when they were boyfriends.

While Carolina Cruz maintained her romance with Daniel Arenas, this topic gave a lot to talk about and although their relationship ended in 2008, there was always a rumor that was gaining more and more strength. It turns out that many people began to say that the presenter back then supported the actor financially.

Carolina Cruz was forceful and assured that she did not keep Daniel Arenas

During a live with Juan Diego Alvira, the presenter was in charge of clarifying the doubts about that uncomfortable rumor. For that reason, she was blunt in mentioning that this had never happened “Oh no, lies. Never! They have always said that about my boyfriends, what a crazy thing, that I keep them all. No no no. Either! With Dani no, obviously zero”.

In addition, he took the opportunity to explain to his followers how his relationship with the actor had been at that time and why it was not true that he kept it “We never lived together, so how was I going to keep it? We were boyfriends and that’s it. I have the best memories, he was a great man, I have no complaints about Dani”.

Finally, the presenter did not stop giving good references to her ex and that is why she mentioned that the woman who stays with Daniel will be a lucky one “The woman who takes Daniel takes a great man, because he is a tough worker, a good son, a good brother, a good friend, a good partner, super faithful; she is very cool”. Just as it was clear in mentioning that “We are great friends; We talk to each other very often. I have a very nice relationship with him, with his family”.

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