Carolina Cruz made us sigh with her white panty

The presenter is very active on Instagram, but this time Carolina Cruz made us sigh with a very sexy photo session.

Caro Cruz almost always shares videos of her beauty routines and exercises with which she stays in shape on social networks.

She is also a very familiar woman so it is very strange to see her in underwear as it did recently.

In her photographs she appears wearing white pantyhose and a shirt of the same color and behind her a mirror that highlights her butt and legs.

With these photos Carolina Cruz made us sigh

I learned that: There are no mistakes, there are lessons, I learned that there are no problems, there are blessings, I learned that there are no endings, there are transformations.

Text with which Carolina Cruz accompanied her photographs

Notably in one of the photos the shirt is not fully buttoned and reveals a deep neckline like other times showing that she is not wearing a bra.

As expected these images were stolen the attention of his followers and his friendswho did not hesitate to comment on his publication.

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