Caro Gómez cried after an accident that almost took her out of MasterChef

In the middle of a very nervous moment, Caro Gómez cried after the accident that almost took her out of MasterChef.

During the new season of the controversial cooking reality show, in addition to standing out for their incredible talent, several celebrities have drawn the public’s attention for their attitude during each test and with their peers, because although some have received several criticisms and generated memes for their «arrogance», others have simply stolen the hearts of the program’s followers.

This is the case of the charismatic model, actress and former beauty queen, Carolina Gómez, because with her inexhaustible good vibes, her disposition and great sense of humor, she has become one of the favorites to win the title of MasterChef 2022…! But nothing has been easy!

In the midst of a great scare, Caro Gómez cried after the accident that almost took her out of MasterChef

In each challenge he has given the best of himself and has disappointed the judges with his wonderful seasoning, however, there have been times when the dishes have not gone according to plan, so he has been at risk.

This is how it happened last Tuesday, March 22, after a complex test in pairs, because unfortunately she and her teammates Ramiro Meneses, Aco Pérez, Tostao, Jair Romero and Carlos Báez, had to go to the elimination challenge and risk their place in the competition. .

During the preparation of his yucca stew, everything flowed normally and under the advice of some of his friends like Estiwar G, but the problems would come later and not precisely because of his preparation.

Well, once the time was up and the chefs raised their hands, the judges began the tasting to choose who would continue and who would leave the program. One by one they were called until it was the turn of the beautiful former queen.

A stumble almost ends his story on the reality show!

As soon as she heard her name, the model stood up and took her plate to take it to the lectern, but at that moment she tripped over her chair and almost ended up on the floor along with her preparation, which caused her to burst into screams. the assistants. Immediately her companions assisted her and helped her to resume her posture, but her little accident increased her nerves to the point where her eyes filled with tears, since that would have meant her automatic elimination. her.

Later, she regained her calm (as well as her companions) and went with her dish to the chefs, where although she was praised, she had some small flaws.

Finally, the one who was chosen to leave the kitchen was the actor Jair Romero, because his preparation was the one that received the most criticism compared to that of the others, a moment that all the cooks regretted.

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