Caro Cruz revealed having mixed feelings when seeing Salvador walking

on video, Caro Cruz revealed having mixed feelings when seeing Salvador walkingbecause it is a sign that it is growing by leaps and bounds.

The renowned former Valle del Cauca beauty queen and presenter does not stop stealing the attention of her thousands of fans, because after lashing out in recent days against the various entertainment and entertainment portals that repost their content all the time, she again generated hundreds of comments but this time with a small confession he made through his networks, and with which more than one mother felt identified.

Everything happened after both she and her ex-partner, actor Lincoln Palomeque, shared some images of little Salvador taking his first steps, because in the images it is seen how with great force he gets up from the floor and begins to walk.

Caro Cruz revealed having mixed feelings when seeing Salvador walking

This, of course, touched and filled the presenter’s followers with joy, who left several messages on networks full of affection, but as expected, this not only moved the public but also Carolina herself, who later made some confessions with which many felt identified.

Well, before the new achievement of her baby, the presenter was very excited through stories in which she revealed that she had cried with happiness and the joy of seeing Salvador achieve this new achievement, as this shows once again that she is completely healthy. However, she claimed to have mixed feelings because this showed her that she was growing up and «wasn’t such a baby anymore.»

In the same way, she confessed that she has cried a lot because she is very sensitive, since she said that she “cries saying goodbye to a cargo plane” and now that she is a mother and leader of her foundation, much more.

Here are their statements:

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