Carmen Villalobos showed her «prohibited steps» and fell in love in networks

In the middle of the recordings of “Café, con aroma de mujer”, carmen villalobos He took the opportunity to dance ‘Despacito’ and captivate his followers.

Carmen Villalobos became a sensation on social networks again because of a video in which she appears dancing gently. The actress appeared along with part of her team that helps her make up, dress and fix for the novel, but before she decided to do an attractive dance to the rhythm of reggaeton.

Carmen Villalobos left more than one open-mouthed for her smooth movements

The actress who is now part of the cast of the novel «Café, con aroma de mujer» along with William Levy and Laura Londoño for Canal RCN, was carried away by music. That’s why she decided to move to the rhythm of ‘Despacito’, the great success of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, which at the time turned out to be one of the most viewed videos of all time and the most acclaimed song at parties.

What caught the most attention in the recording was the attractive movement of Carmen’s hips, who wore tight sweatshirt pants. In this way, she demonstrated once again that she stands out not only for having a good vibe but also for her unparalleled beauty.

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