Carlos Vives synchronizes his deep Heart with Spain

Carlos Vives closed this Wednesday at the Sant Jordi Club of Barcelona, triumphant and before more than 2,500 people, his Spanish tour, which had already taken him to cities such as Malaga, Valencia or Madrid. He did it accompanied by a large number of compatriots in the audience, presenting his latest album «Deep Heart» and reviewing the greatest hits of his discography.

Carlos Vives did not visit Spain since 1999 with his own tour, perhaps for this reason, the musician’s response was to give himself to the maximum and transmit a message of optimism to Spanish society. According to the singer-songwriter, he knew from previous trips to Spain that people did not forget them and there was a new generation wanting to see them. On his official Facebook page, Carlos Vives has stated: “I am delighted with my concert last night in Barcelona. Old friends and a lot of youth. Thanks, I love you!»

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The show reviewed songs from his latest work, “Volví a born”, “Como le gusta a tu cuerpo” or “Bailar con conti” to unforgettable classics for the Spanish public such as “La gota fria”. Carlos Vives, the first Colombian musician to receive a Grammy, will attend the Latin Grammys in November leading the number of nominations, with a total of 5. He is nominated in the categories of best album, best tropical fusion album, best song, best tropical song and record of the year.

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