Carlos Vives, Black Eyed Peas and more guests on ‘CUMBIANA II’

Samarium recently premiered ‘CUMBIANA II’ and among the surprises of this album is the collaboration of Carlos Vives, Black Eyed Peas and Play-N-Skillz.

After the tremendous success that was his previous album ‘CUMBIANA’Vives decided to do part two with spectacular guests who have come together in a diversity of sounds.

His most recent release is called ‘The Teke Teke’ and was recorded with the American group Black Eyed Peas and the Rap duo Play-N-Skillz.

From this album we already listen to songs that have been successful like ‘Kisses at any time’, ‘Old ball’, ‘Babel’, ‘Pretty song’ Y ‘Currambera’among others.

‘El Teke Teke’ by Carlos Vives, Black Eyed Peas and Play-N-Skillz

All songs on the album were written by Carlos Vives in collaboration with the artists who were part of the album.

He was also the producer of ‘CUMBIANA II’ next to duo formed by Martín Velilla and Andrés Leal, better known as KOGIMAN.

Tracklist of ‘CUMBIANA II’

  1. Only
  2. Cinerama
  3. old ball with Camilo
  4. lonely mountain with chocquibtown
  5. Currambera
  6. beautiful song with Ricky Martin
  7. babel with Fito Paez
  8. payment with Pedro Capo
  9. Kisses at any time with Mau and Ricky and Lucy Vives
  10. My guitar in love with Dread Mar I
  11. in the jungle with Katie James
  12. Looking for the Horse (tribute to Johnny Ventura) with Milly Quezada Y Jandy Ventura
  13. teke teke with Black Eyed Peas and Play-N-Skillz
  14. homeland with Cholo Valderrama and Clemente Merida

After listening to the new album by Carlos Vives tell us, What is your favorite song or the one you liked the most?