Carlos Vives and Herlinda Gómez: a love from which Lucy Vives was born

Product of love between Carlos Vives and Herlinda Gomez Lucy and Carlos Enrique were born, who lived through the divorce of their parents.

Since he started on television, Carlos Vives has been a heartthrob. At the age of 27 he married Margarita Rosa de Francisco and they became the most beloved couple in Colombia. The relationship lasted two years and after their separation he met Herlinda Gómez.

Herlinda Gomez

She is a Puerto Rican model who stole the heart of Carlos Vives, the couple got married and as a product of that union Carlos, 26, and Lucy, 22, were born. Herlinda and Carlos Vives They met in 1990, the same year in which the singer separated from Margaret Rose of Francis.

Carlos Vives and Herlinda Gómez divorce

The separation between Herlinda and Carlos was one of the most notorious in the national show business. They entered into a lawsuit for 2 years because Herlinda accused the singer of infidelity. She confessed that she hired a private detective to prove the singer’s infidelity and ask for a divorce. Herlinda managed to get even and get quite a juicy compensation. Carlos Vives, for her part, accused the Puerto Rican of wasting her money to, supposedly, maintain her drug addiction.

After years of investigation, Herlinda discovered Vives’ love affair with Claudia Elena Vasquez who was Miss Colombia in 1989, even confronted him with photos.

This was what Carlos Enrique confessed about the separation of his parents Carlos Vives and Herlinda Gómez: ‘It hit me very hard, my sister too; she beat us all up a lot. But those things happen and many times you realize that there are personalities with whom you can no longer live.’

Although the relationship between Herlinda and Carlos did not work out, he has always been very aware of his children, and has had a special connection with Lucy. Both shared the stage during a concert performed by the singer in New Orleans.


Herlinda is approximately 46 years old and Lucy 22 years lives in Puerto Rico, while Carlos Enrique, 26, lives in Colombia closer to his father, he even worked at Gaira, the family restaurant.

How old is Herlinda Gomez?

At this time (December 2020) Herlinda Gómez is 48 years old

What is the name of Lucy Vives’ mother?

Herlinda Gómez, Puerto Rican model

How old is Carlos Vives?

At this time (December 2020) he is 59 years old

Who was the first wife of Carlos Vives?

The first wife of the Colombian singer was the actress Margarita Rosa de Francisco.

Lucy affirms that Herlinda has been the best mother, she is very understandable and that she has supported her in all her dreams, however, many have criticized it, stating that it lacked “a little more education” with his daughter, who at 22 years «He has already done nudes in several magazines».

Although breakups can be painful at times, everything can be overcome with time. Carlos and Herlinda are a clear example, since they managed to put their grudges aside and have a good relationship.