Carlos Vives and Fito Páez sing ‘Babel’ together | new vibe

Carlos Vives and Fito Páez have just released a #NewVibra called ‘Babel’ a fusion of Rock with Vallenato with a great message.

Samarium took advantage of Fito Páez’s recent visit to Bogotá to premiere this song with the 59-year-old singer from Rosario.

The friendship of these two great artists goes back a long way, even Vives published a video of an interview that he himself did to Páez when he participated in the television program ‘The TV’.

‘Babel’ in a song that is part of the new Carlos Vives album called ‘Cumbiana II’ and that will go on sale next May 27.

the letter of ‘Babel’ talks about how difficult it is to try to understand each other in these times when everyone thinks they are right.

This is ‘Babel’ the new by Carlos Vives and Fito Páez

When you make a song with this type of theme there is something of that Argentine rock, of Charly García, Luis Alberto Spinetta and Páez himself, who allowed me to imagine that with tropical music I could invent my own rock…

Carlos Vives on the collaboration of Fito Páez in ‘Babel’

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