Carla Giraldo’s nude for a Colombian magazine

Everyone talks about Carla Giraldo’s nude, the photographs surprised many and others were simply not surprised absolutely nothing.

Carla Giraldo stripped naked for a Colombian magazine. Everyone knows that this actress is very famous lately since she is part of the great cast of the famous program Loquito Por Ti, the soap opera is one of the most viewed on national television.

However, Carla Giraldo does not stop talking about what she does outside the small screen. This time, she for some photographs for the Don Juan Magazine.

For said publication, Carla posed in underwear and heels. However, she wore a shirt that has a print where breasts are visible.

At first impression, it seems that the actress is naked. However, it is only because of the optical illusion of the shirt.

Many were angry with the result, others simply did not say anything, they just enjoyed this woman’s great body, because we cannot deny that she is very pretty.

Girls, what do you think of all this? Deception or simply a matter of work. Do not forget to comment and then share the note on social networks.

Information from: Metro