Carla Giraldo presents the man who makes her cry

After clarifying that she did not break the quarantine, actress Carla Giraldo introduces the man who makes her cry: and it almost made us cry!

This actress, who became very famous through Colombian television with her leading role in the soap opera They call me lolitais in quarantine with her husband and children.

However, she dared to go out, but not to the street, but inside her own residential complex and for a reason.

Carla Giraldo presents the man who brings her tears

And it is that this celebrity recently shared a series of videos and photos through his stories on his official Instagram account; in them shows the odyssey he lived to meet his nephew newborn.

(To see the rest of the videos and photos, click the little arrow to the right of the image on Instagram.)

It should be clarified that Carla only moved within her own residential complex and that met the newborn through glass. Because of that, he wasn’t able to hide his emotions about it.

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