Caring for a tattoo, so that nothing goes wrong!

Having a good tattoo is not just about choosing a good design. That’s why we tell you what are the tattoo care so that it looks perfect.

After having the design, you will have to find a trusted tattoo artist, but the success of a tattoo in the end will depend on the care you take with your skin.

We explain how to take care of a tattoo

Take note! Because this is what you should know when it comes to caring for a tattoo the first few days and we also take the opportunity to tell you what not to do when you get a tattoo.

1. How to care for a fresh tattoo

You must keep the area covered because the skin is sensitive and the bandage helps to prevent and protect your tattoo from bacteria or infections. Ideally, the skin should be covered within 2-24 hours or as directed by your tattoo artist.

2. How long should I take care of my tattoo?

Usually the time it takes for a tattoo to heal is one to two weeks. For that reason, during those days your tattoo deserves more attention so that everything goes well. The most important thing will always be to take care of your skin from bacteria and infections, so hygiene is a very important factor.

3. Poorly maintained tattoos

If you have already made the decision to tattoo your skin, it is clear that you must take care of it to avoid infections or damage to the art. Therefore, avoid removing the scabs, immersing the area in water, going to the sea or the pool, dirtying your tattoo, covering it without the consent of the tattoo artist or filling it with creams. Badly cared for tattoos will bring serious consequences to your health.

4. Tattoo care: food

Your diet should be balanced, but you should try to consume a lot of vitamin C and K, this to prevent infections and to help the wound healing process to be faster.

What to eat if I got a tattoo?

You should maintain a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. However, you should avoid fried foods at all costs, such as potatoes, packages or foods prepared in abundant oil. In addition, you have to be careful with sausages such as ham, sausages, sausages or salami so that there is no risk of inflammation.

What cream to put on a tattoo?

Although there are several creams on the market, it is best to use the one recommended by your tattoo artist. The truth is that you should use it three to four times during the first 15 days, since your tattoo should be hydrated and you should never let it dry.

What not to do after a tattoo?

You should never remove the scabs, you should not scratch it or expose it to the sun and you should not cover it again. Let it give it air and do not sell it unless it is essential. Also do not apply colognes, perfumes or makeup on the tattoo.

How many times a day should a tattoo be washed?

After removing the bandage, according to the recommendations of your tattoo artist, you should wash it. Remember that your hands must be clean and you can only use soap and water with a neutral antibacterial pH but without aroma. Take care that the water does not fall directly on the area and when finished use kitchen paper to dry with small touches and without rubbing. Remember that until your tattoo is completely healed you should continue to clean it regularly.

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