Caracol presenter who was hit in the face

Caracol presenter who was beaten was doing a live broadcast and apparently a person was hit by a cake.

This is the presenter of Canal Caracol, Rochi Stevenson, who was the victim of a man who hit her face. It turns out that in the Day by Day program during the Christmas season they are doing a contest called Aguinaldo y pastelazo that consists of the participants telling a joke, if it makes them laugh they get 100,000 pesos, otherwise they receive a cakeazo.

In the middle of the transmission, by surprise a man threw a cake at the presenter in the face and hit her hard. However, Rochi reacted in a very professional manner and continued with the program as if nothing had happened.

At the end of the transmission, the presenter on social networks decided to clarify what had happened. She told her followers that one of the contestants who had already participated had not been happy with the game and that is why she had reacted that way.

However, Rochi’s fans did not hesitate to make comments mentioning that it was a resounding lack of respect.

What would they have done in the case of Rochi, the truth is that despite the fact that it was a hard blow, it seems to us that he reacted well. Because in the case of another person I would have reacted in a very different way.