Can the microwave oven harm you? It is bad?

These are the 8 ways in which your microwave oven could harm you and even end your life.

Much has been said about the harm of using the microwave oven to cook or heat food, however, some are exaggerations, such as that it causes cancer, but others are a reality, and depend more on the misuse we make of the device that it is bad in itself.

When is it bad to use the microwave?

1. When you microwave metals: The first, best known and yet causes more accidents. While everyone knows not to microwave metals, sometimes we do it without realizing it, for example by melting butter on your paper or putting a plate with tiny metal details on it.

2. When you cook eggs: If you try to cook a scrambled egg in this type of oven, it will burst. If it is fried, it will burst. If you leave it with the shell, it will explode! Please don’t, you’ll ruin breakfast.

3. When you heat your food in Styrofoam: They are a classic that is never lacking in a home that is fond of homes; In addition to the fact that the food takes on a very bad taste, if you heat it in containers made of this material, they can also harm you, since they are not suitable for the microwave, they release harmful chemicals when heated.

4. When you heat milk: In the microwave, milk loses part of its proteins, so you would not be feeding 100% either you or your family.

5. When you turn on your microwave oven with nothing in it: This is very dangerous as it could burst and injure you.

6. When you heat any food with soy: Coming into contact with microwaves can break down and become an inflammatory agent for your body.

7. When you cook rice: You can heat it, but not cook it, as rice needs a high level of heat to kill bacteria called Bacillus cereus, which can cause food poisoning.

8. When you cook meat, fish or chicken: The microwave oven generally does not reach a high enough temperature to remove all the contaminants it may bring, especially salmonella.

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