Can I wear a navel if I have a pot belly? And it is!

When a woman has a pot belly without being pregnant, she avoids showing her belly, because she feels self-conscious… Not anymore! Now the fashion is to wear a navel and show your belly!

It all started with a woman, like almost everything in this life. Her name is Yesika Salgado, a young American woman of Salvadoran descent who, in addition to being a poet, is the creator of the #panzaschingonas movement on Instagram, which seeks to help women who feel insecure about their bodies to accept themselves. encouraging them to wear the clothes they want, even if they are paunchy and want to wear a navel.

In addition to being a contributor to the portal huffingtonpostthis defender of bare bellies has also created an entire cultural movement called Chingona Fire, so that paunchy women never again hide their belly and, on the contrary, show it by wearing navels.

“A few days ago, Facebook reminded me of a photo I had taken of myself exactly two years ago. In it, she appeared wearing a crop top (what in Colombia we call ‘ombliguera’) that had been kept in the closet for months. I remembered how scared I was to put on my shirt and take a picture of myself, I looked ridiculous. I had bought the shirt thinking I would never wear it.»he wrote by way of confession in a column published by the website of Univision. “Now, crop tops are my way of claiming my weight and defending that the beauty of a woman is decided by herself”he adds.

Many women identified with Yesika, because as she herself expresses it in her writings, Even if a woman is fat, she is expected to have an hourglass figure., but in the real world women are also round, with a big belly. Dozens of women began to share photos on their social networks while wearing navels, even if they were paunchy, look…

In Mexico, «chingona» or «chingón» is an expression used to qualify something as good, so Yesika’s message is clear: it’s okay to be fat, you can wear whatever you want, even a vest, even if you have a big belly.

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What do you think? Write what you think in the comments and tell us, what garment are you not able to wear because you don’t feel comfortable?