Can dogs eat sausage and ham? We have the answer!

Are you sitting at breakfast in the morning, putting cold cuts on your bread and being watched by your dog?

Clearly the Sausage smells simply tempting for your four-legged friend. One is quickly tempted to share the sandwich with man’s best friend.

You’re probably asking yourself: «Can my dog ​​eat sausage and ham?»

In this article you will find out whether it is okay if you give your dog Wust and which varieties are only for two-legged friends.

In a nutshell: Can dogs eat sausage and ham?

Feel free to give your dog a piece of cooked ham if it’s not heavily salted. Your dog can also eat small amounts of other cooked pork and poultry sausages.

However, you should not give your dog raw pork products such as raw ham or salami.

Raw pork could carry the Aujeszky virus undetected. Infection with this virus is always fatal for dogs

Is ham and salami dangerous for my dog?

Not everything that we humans can eat is also safe for your dog. Your dog does not distinguish between meat products healthy and unhealthyi.e.

That’s what you have to do as a dog owner.

Be careful with salami and raw ham.

Salami is one of those raw sausages. These are usually air dried.

However, the Aujeszky virus is only safely killed when heated.

Once your dog has contracted this virus, there is nothing you can do for him as there is no antidote.

The same applies to raw ham that comes from pork.

The only thing that helps is standing firm and that dog look resist. After all, it is for the good of your beloved four-legged friend.

Cooked ham poses no risk to your dog. At least not if it’s just one small bite is.

Then Ham contains a lot of nitrate, which can also cause kidney damage in excessive amounts.


If you find that your dog has eaten too much ham, keep an eye on him. If he appears lethargic, vomits, and has diarrhea, you should consult a veterinarian. Then your dog could have salt poisoning.

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Liverwurst – Harmful to the dog?

If you like liverwurst, you might also consider sharing it with your dog.

Be calm, you won’t harm your dog with a small amount of liverwurst.

Depending on the type, it consists of cooked pork, beef or veal.

You shouldn’t overdo it though, because Sausage often contains a lot of salt and other spices, that your dog should not eat much of.

In addition, it usually contains a lot of fat.

Your dog tends to anyway overweightyou had better not give him extra calories.

Which sausage is safe for my dog?

Sausage is not suitable as food for your dog because of its composition.

However, you can give your dog the following sausages in small amounts:

  • Lyons
  • Vienna sausages and cooked sausages in general
  • Liverwurst
  • Pork Meat Sausage
  • poultry sausage

Since the different types of sausage, however, often lots of salt, fat and other additives contain, you should really only give your dog a little of it.

If you give your dog too many sausages over the long term, you can endanger their health.

They are therefore unsuitable as real food or permanent treats. You can offer your dog another tasty alternative.

Good to know:

Does your dog need medication for an illness, but you’re having trouble giving him the pill? He will certainly not notice the pill hidden in the liverwurst.

Is there a special dog sausage?

You can now find a wide range of pets in pet shops Sausages specially made for dogs.

But also note that here not too much fat and other additives are included.

There are different types of dog sausage practical tubes or shrink-wrapped in foil.

Especially the tubes with liver sausage for dogs are very popular for training with the four-legged friend.

Various butchers also offer dog sausages. Here you can ask the sales staff about the ingredients.

Of course, you can make it really easy for yourself if you cook pork or poultry and offer to your dog.

You don’t need any spices, flavor enhancers, preservatives or anything like that, your dog will still enjoy it.


There are some types of sausage that you can feed your dog small amounts without hesitation can give

To be on the safe side, however, you should not give your furry friend any products made from raw pork.

Raw ham and salami are therefore not for your dog.

You should also make sure that you don’t overdo it with the sausage. You can otherwise harm your dog due to the usually high salt and fat content.

Do you have questions about feeding different types of sausage? Just write us a comment under this post.