Can dogs eat pretzel sticks? A professional explains!

Do you also like to treat yourself to a bit of nibbles in the form of pretzel sticks, chips and the like?

And now you want to know if your dog can also eat pretzel sticks?

In this article we explain to you whether the salty pastries are suitable for your dog and what you have to consider when feeding them.

In a nutshell: Can my dog ​​eat pretzel sticks?

No, dogs are not allowed to eat pretzel sticks! Snacks such as chips, pretzel sticks, pretzels, crackers and the like contain a lot of salt as well as sometimes hot spice mixtures, as well as flavor enhancers, coloring and flavorings, yeast and sodium hydroxide. Elevated salt intake raises blood pressure and puts a strain on the kidneys and heart.

Sweets, like their salty counterparts, have no place in dog nutrition!

What happens when dogs eat pretzel sticks?

That depends entirely on the amount your four-legged friend has eaten.

A pretzel stick here and there is unlikely to harm your dog.

However, too much of a good thing can cause indigestion such as Vomit or Diarrhea entail. Above all, the salt contained in large quantities can have negative consequences for the kidney and heart health your dog’s have.

What are pretzel sticks made of?

Pretzel sticks are made from flour, salt, water, vegetable oil, malt and yeast in a caustic soda solution.

Raising agents, yeast and wheat flour are not good for your dog. So you shouldn’t feed large amounts of pretzel sticks.

However, if your dog occasionally gets a small one of these sticks (preferably without salt), it is quite harmless.

How much salt is harmful to dogs?

With a balanced diet, you don’t have to give your dog any additional salt at all, as the organism already benefits sufficiently from it.

Salt is essential for the functioning of your dog’s organs and nervous system.

Nutrition, you don’t have to give your dog any additional salt at all, as the organism already benefits sufficiently from it.

Salt is essential for the functioning of your dog’s organs and nervous system.

Excess salt can increase blood pressurewhich in turn promotes heart and kidney diseases.


If you would like to share your pretzel sticks with your dog, remove the salt beforehand to be on the safe side!

Symptoms of salt poisoning

When your dog has ingested too much salt, the symptoms leave a salt poisoning usually not long in coming.

This is how you can tell that your loved one is not doing well:

  • Vomit
  • weakness
  • Diarrhea
  • muscle tremors
  • seizures
  • drowsiness
  • disorientation

Are pretzel sticks poisonous to dogs?

In general, the salty snack is not poisonous for dogs, but it is not necessarily beneficial either.

Pretzel sticks, which are offered with spices such as nutmeg or the taste of garlic and onions, are taboo for dogs from the outset!

The same goes for chocolate topping and sugary candy in general.

Lye biscuits for dogs

It can always happen that dogs eat something that is not intended for them.

Now Grandpa Heinz also sunk the pretzels in the Fiffi at the Weißwurst breakfast? Well, cheers, meal!

Salt and lye are not recommended for dogs as they lead to a dehydration or even signs of intoxication being able to lead.

This applies to pretzel sticks, salted pretzels and all other types of baked goods, especially those made with lye.

Our advice:

Observe how Fiffi is after eating the pretzels and see a vet sooner rather than later!

Do pretzel sticks help with diarrhea?

Even as children we learned that pretzel sticks and shaken Cola help with diarrhea.

But is that true at all and, above all, does it also apply to dogs?

It goes without saying that dogs are not allowed to drink cola!

Unfortunately, there is also bad news for the pretzel sticks, because: It has not been further researched whether pretzel sticks help dogs against diarrhea.

We advise against a self-test and would rather link you to the recipe for a Morosche carrot soup – it’s good for your dog and definitely helps!

Incidentally, it is also a fallacy in relation to us humans that the combination of pretzel sticks and shaken Cola help with diarrhea.

In short: You want to feed your dog pretzel sticks?

Pretzel sticks are safe for dogs in small amounts.

If you occasionally give your dog a pretzel stick or two, it’s best to remove the small salt crystals first.

Too many pretzel sticks can cause dogs Gastrointestinal problems such as flatulence and diarrhea cause.

Pretzel sticks, chips, crackers and sweets have no place in dog nutrition!

You should therefore avoid feeding them these foods.

Are you unsure or do you still have questions about feeding your dog with pretzel sticks? Then please leave us a comment under this article!