Can dogs eat pork? A professional clears up to 2023

Pork is very popular in many countries and is eaten in a wide variety of ways, for example as a medallion, sliced ​​​​or breaded as a schnitzel.

Our dogs would certainly like that too!

So we dog owners are right to ask ourselves whether our dog is allowed to eat something from the pig.

So, are dogs allowed to eat pork or not?

In this article you will find out whether pork is okay for your dog and what you have to consider when feeding pork to your dog.

In a nutshell: Can my dog ​​eat pork?

No, dogs should not eat pork! Raw pork can contain Aujeszky virus, which is deadly for dogs. The Aujeszky virus triggers a nervous disease, pseudo-rabies. Pork can also transmit bacteria such as salmonella or trichinae.

Pork selected for the dog food industry is tested for Aujeszky virus. Accordingly, you will only find pork products in stores that you can feed your dog without hesitation. However, never buy pork for your dog from the butcher!

Can Dogs Eat Boiled Pork?

Yes, dogs are allowed to eat boiled pork!

Only when raw is there a risk that pork will Aujeszky’s disease triggers. This nervous disease always leads to death in dogs.

If you want to feed your dog pork, you must definitely cook it well beforehand (at least 30 minutes at a minimum of 55 degrees Celsius).

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Can Dogs Eat Fried Pork?

If you are going to stand at the stove for your dog, it is better to reach for the saucepan than the pan.

Unfortunately, a quick frying is not enough to prepare a safe meal for your four-legged friend from the «dangerous pork».

Good to know:

If you feed your dog pork, you should cook it first. Food leftovers from your pork medallion, for example, are taboo for your dog because of the spices and the potential risk of the meat being infected by the Aujeszky virus!

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What is Aujeszky virus?

The Aujeszky virus is a highly contagious animal disease that occurs worldwide.

It has been considered extinct in Germany since 2003. In the meantime, however, cases of wild boar have occurred from time to time.

It is therefore not only important that your dog does not eat raw pork, but also that he keeps his distance from wild boars on your walks in the forest. (We can only advise you on that anyway!)

Does dog food contain pork?

Yes, pork is actually more common in dog food than you previously thought.

However, you don’t need to worry here. All potential germs in the pork have already been killed during the manufacturing process of wet and dry food.

Does pork cause allergies in dogs?

Just like any other protein, pork can trigger allergies. However, this is more common with beef or poultry.

If your dog has never eaten pork, it probably hasn’t developed an allergy to it.

If your dog suffers from food allergies and has never eaten pork, Aujesky-free pork is a good choice for an elimination diet.

Can dogs chew pork bones?

We advise against feeding pig bones.

Since the Aujeszky virus is only killed by high temperatures, it is not recommended to feed raw pig bones.

Dogs shouldn’t eat cooked bones at all, as heating them will make them brittle and splinter more quickly.

Attention danger!

Bones can injure your dog’s digestive tract. Raw meaty bones are considered safe, while cooked bones are extremely prone to splintering.

Can dogs chew pig ears?

Dried pig ears are even more popular with most dogs than rabbit, calf, or cattle ears because they are distinct greasy and flavorful are.

You are welcome to occasionally give your dog unprocessed chews in the form of dried pig ears.


When buying, make sure that the chews do not have a shiny coating and are declared as natural. If your dog tends to be overweight, it is better not to give him pig’s ears to nibble on, or only very rarely.

This is important if you feed your dog pork

Feeding pork to dogs is not without risk as pigs are potential carriers of Aujeszky’s disease. Unfortunately, this always ends fatally for dogs.

Commercial dog food made with pork is tested for the virus beforehand.

Accordingly, feed available in pet food stores is considered safe and Aujeszky-free.

Your dog is welcome to have a few occasionally natural, dried pig ears nibble but be careful, they are very greasy and promote obesity.

Do you still have questions about feeding pork? Please leave us a comment below this article.