Can dogs eat onions? A professional explains!

Whether dogs can eat onions is an extremely important question, because here are some things you should know!

Not everything that is safe for us humans also belongs in the dog’s stomach.

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We will explain to you whether you are allowed to feed your dog onions at all and what you have to consider.

In a nutshell: Can my dog ​​eat onions?

No, your dog must never eat onions! Raw onions and garlic, even in small amounts, can be fatal to your dog. The reason for this are the sulfur compounds in onions and garlic, which can cause haemolysis. This means a breakdown of the red blood cells, which quickly leads to death.

Are Onions Harmful to Dogs?


Under no circumstances should you feed your dog onions!

This is very important because those contained in the onion sulfides destroy the red blood cells in the canine organism.

A resulting anemia ultimately leads to one organ failure and so to Death your pet.

At what level are onions poisonous?

Symptoms of onion poisoning can occur from an amount of more than 0.5% of body weight.

A medium sized onion is enough to kill a medium sized dog.

Be careful with fresh onions. The fresher the tuber, the higher the sulfide content!


Always keep onions out of your dog’s reach. Under no circumstances should dogs eat onions. Neither raw, nor cooked, nor pureed, powdered, dried or pickled! Onion plants are absolutely taboo!

Onion poisoning in dogs

Your dog accidentally caught fallen onions?

How to recognize the first signs of poisoning:

  • nausea
  • Vomit
  • Diarrhea
  • weakness
  • loss of appetite
  • stomach pain
  • loss of coordination
  • Heavy salivation
  • increased heart and breathing rates
  • Poorly perfused mucous membranes

If your dog exhibits one or more symptoms after accidentally eating onions, see a vet IMMEDIATELY!


Dogs treated immediately after ingesting bulbous plants usually have a good chance of recovery. If the animal is not treated, there is a high probability of death.

What does the vet do in the event of onion poisoning?

Lies the shot of the onion less than two hours back, a vet will probably first try to get your dog to vomit.

For this, a so-called Puke Syringe administered.

Is the recording more than two hours back, your dog needs a veterinary liquid supply and possibly a blood donation.

When your dog has eaten onions, every minute counts!

Your dog must not eat these onion plants

To the genus of onion plants (botanically Allium) count far more plants than the usual household onion.

Your dog must NOT taste these varieties either:

  • spring onions
  • chives
  • shallots
  • Garlic
  • onions
  • wild garlic
  • leek

Good to know:

Garlic is far more toxic to dogs and cats than the other species. You absolutely have to be careful with all bulbous plants that your dog doesn’t eat them!

These ingredients in bulbous plants are toxic

Onions contain the sulfur compounds that are harmless to humans N-propyl disulfide and allylpropyl sulfide.

This sulfur oxides lead to a dangerous in the organism of dogs anemia and as a result often to Death.

Do onions help against ticks and worms?

Have you heard that onions are supposed to help against annoying ticks and worms?

We dog owners are always on the lookout for natural home remedies against the pests so that we can spare our dogs the chemical mace.

In fact, there is no scientific evidence that onions and garlic help against ticks and worms.

The fact is that onion plants are poisonous to dogs and should therefore not be placed near them.

Also not applied externally!

Is onion smell harmful to dogs?

It is known that one can sliced ​​onion by the bed help us humans with a cold or bronchitis.

The essential oils in the onion have an antibacterial, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect.

But are onion vapors dangerous to dogs?

Oral ingestion of bulbous plants can be fatal to dogs.

Unfortunately, it has not been researched whether this also applies to onion fumes is applicable. Better be careful here and look for another home remedy for a cold so that you don’t endanger your dog!


What applies to onions, garlic and co. in relation to dogs can also be applied to cats! Bulbous plants are also extremely dangerous for kittens and other animals such as horses, cattle, sheep and goats.

In short: dog and onion, a deadly combination

Onion plants contain sulphites, which in dogs cause the red blood cells in the body to dissolve.

Anemia inevitably leads to organ failure and, in the worst case, means the death of your four-legged friend!

Always keep onions and garlic out of your dog’s reach.

If your dog accidentally ate onions, keep calm and get to the vet as soon as possible!

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