Can dogs eat mangoes? A dog professional explains!

In one thing we dog owners are all the same: we find it difficult to resist our dogs.

So now you’re wondering: “Can my dog ​​eat mango too?”

You’re just about to cut your favorite fruit to size when your most faithful friend is already standing next to you.

It is therefore important to know whether you can feed your dog mango and what you should consider when feeding it.

We explain it to you!

In a nutshell: Can my dog ​​eat mango?

Yes, your dog can eat mango! Mangoes contain many important nutrients, such as potassium and magnesium. The mild fruit can also score with a whole range of vitamins. Because of its low acidity, it makes a better feeding for your dog than other types of fruit. Mango is also said to have anti-inflammatory and heart-strengthening effects.

How can I feed my dog ​​mango?

Mango, fed in moderation, can help improve dog health.

You should consider this when feeding:

  • only buy fresh, organic mangoes
  • remove the shell and stone before feeding
  • only feed real ripe fruit
  • pureed and as an occasional change in the bowl, the mango is well suited for dogs
  • Fruit is generally not suitable as a main food, this should consist of high-quality dog ​​food


Mangoes contain a lot of fructose. If your dog tends to be overweight, it’s best to feed him little to no fruit. The sweet fruit should not be fed daily, even in slim dogs. Think of them as a rare specialty.

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Mango is so healthy for dogs

The delicious tropical fruit provides these valuable ingredients for your dog friend:

  • beta-carotene
  • vitamin B
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin E
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • calcium
  • folic acid

Also, mangoes low calorie and easily digestible. In contrast to other fruit, they are particularly digestible because they only have one small amount of acid contain.

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This is what the tropical vitamin bomb does

Mango promotes appetite and stimulates your dog’s metabolism.

It can have a positive effect on the heart and brain and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Furthermore, the oval tropical fruit contributes improvement in blood clotting and the eyesight at.

Good to know:

Mango not only makes the dog’s eyes shine. If fed occasionally, it can also give your dog’s coat a new shine!

Only feed the mango without the skin and without the stone

For one, the peel of the mango with pesticidesn and others toxins be charged which ones for your dog harmful are.

On the other hand is the milky sapwhich is hidden directly under the shell, inedible, indigestible and can even have a toxic effect.

Unlike the skin, the core of the mango is not poisonous.

We humans can process it, for example, into delicious mango seed oil. However, it is not digestible for our dogs and you should definitely remove it before feeding.

How about mango puree and mango ice cream?

It’s always a good idea to provide your dog with fruits and vegetables puree.

Only in this way can he absorb and utilize the nutrients at all!

Mango puree that you can buy in stores is not suitable for feeding. Sugar, coloring and flavorings are often buried here, which are extremely harmful to your dog.

The same rules apply to store-bought and homemade mango ice cream.


You can freeze the mango with some quark in a kong and offer your dog a cool activity on warm summer days!

Can dogs eat dried mango?

No, they mustn’t!

Why not?

Because dried fruit usually has added sugar, and that’s known for dogs…?

Correct, very harmful and therefore an absolute NO GO!

Good to know:

Never give your dog sugary foods or even sweets. Unfortunately, the intake of commercially available sugar can very quickly be fatal for your dog.

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Would you like to feed your dog mango? You have to pay attention to that

When feeding mango, you should pay attention to organic quality, just like with other fruits and vegetables.

Remove the skin and stone before pureeing the pulp for your dog.

Don’t feed Mango too often. It contains a lot of fructose and can promote obesity.

In small quantities, occasionally mixed with the feedt, the tropical fruit can definitely have a positive effect on your dog’s health.

Are you unsure or do you still have questions about the topic? «Can dogs eat mangoes»? Then just write us a comment under this article.