Can dogs eat kiwi? A dog professional clarifies!

Kiwi, kiwi, kiwi – actually a nice name.

However, this article is not about dog names, but about the question: «Are dogs allowed to eat kiwi?»

We love the delicious fruit and always want to share with our dog what we think is good, healthy and delicious.

However, it is not always advisable to constantly hand the dog something from the table.

If you want to know what’s on the green-brown kiwi applies and whether you can feed them to your dog without hesitation, be sure to read on!

In a nutshell: Can my dog ​​eat kiwis?

Yes, your dog can eat kiwi! Kiwis provide a lot of vitamins and are considered unproblematic when feeding your dog. The canine organism has a decisive advantage over us humans: it can produce vitamin C itself. However, an additional supply through food cannot do any harm!

Is Kiwi Good for Dogs?

Yes, the kiwi also provides our four-legged friends with a whole lot of important nutrients and vitamins!

Lined in moderationso it can contribute to the health of your loved one.

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What should be considered when feeding kiwi?

Like most types of fruit, the kiwi also contains a relatively large amount of fruit acid.

For now, only give your dog a small piece of kiwi to taste.

If he likes the fruit, you can add it to his meal from time to time.


Too much acid can damage your dog’s stomach and digestive tract and cause discomfort.

What can the kiwi fruit do?

With which positive properties and ingredients can the small green-brown fruit shine?

  • 80 to 120 milligrams of vitamin C in 100 grams of kiwi
  • Vitamin B and E
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • potassium
  • calcium
  • iron
  • fiber
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • antioxidants

Good to know:

The enzyme actinidin contained in the kiwi fruit is beneficial for the digestion of meat. This will benefit your little omnivore!

What are kiwis?

birds. huh

You thought it was about fruit? You are right, it does too!

However, the furry fruit actually has a bird-shaped namesake! Dogs are not allowed to eat this – it is under nature protection.

The kiwi fruit comes from originally from Chinafrom which it also got the name “Chinese gooseberry”.

New Zealand and Italy are now the main growing areas for kiwis, which Genus of the radiant pen family arise from.

Does kiwi make dogs happy too?

Do kiwis really put you in a good mood?

Yes, that’s right!

They contain a large amount of the so-called quinic acid. This hydroaromatic carboxylic acidwill increase in the human body serotonin converted.

Serotonin is also known colloquially as happiness hormone and contributes to a large extent to a cheerful mood.

Unfortunately, it has not yet been researched whether the same applies to our dogs.

It definitely doesn’t make you unhappy!

How can I feed my dog ​​kiwi?

Before you feed the small fruit to your dog, you should definitely peel and puree.

Puréeing breaks down the nutrients in the fruit.

Only in this form can your dog benefit from it!

Pureeing simulates the already pre-digested mash of a small prey animal. If your dog caught a rabbit, he would eat this pulp as well. In this pre-digested form, it can absorb and utilize the nutrients.


Always feed dogs only ripe to overripe and very soft kiwis! Unripe fruit can be poisonous to your dog.

Do dogs benefit from vitamin C?

Only partially.

A small vitamin booster is definitely good for your dog and does not harm it.

Useful property: unlike us humans, dogs can vitamin C produce independently in the body and are less dependent on an external supply than we are.

Can all dogs eat kiwis?

Yes, the kiwi fruit is generally considered unproblematic for dogs.

However, if your dog is prone to hyperacidity and heartburn, you should refrain from eating acidic foods.

Otherwise, there is nothing to be said against irregular feeding of the green pulp.

Does your dog like to eat kiwi? You have to pay attention to this when feeding

When feeding kiwi, you should pay attention to organic quality, just like with other fruit and vegetables.

Nevertheless, the fruit must be before consumption peeled off and for your dog mashed become. This is the only way he can utilize the nutrients.

kiwis belong not on the main menu your canine friend. As an occasional change in the bowl, however, they are well suited.

Are you unsure or do you still have questions about «Can dogs eat kiwi»? Then just write us a comment under this article.