Can dogs eat cucumbers? A pro clears it up!

You want to know if you can give your dog cucumbers to eat?

One might think that there is nothing wrong with the delicious cucumber.

But is that really the case?

Are our favorite four-legged friends allowed to eat cucumbers as they please or not?

The answer to all your questions on the topic dog and cucumber you can find in this article.

In a nutshell: Can my dog ​​eat cucumbers?

Yes, your dog can eat cucumbers! Especially in summer, the crunchy cucumber with its 95% water content can offer a welcome refreshment! Not only for you, but also for your dog. It is stomach-friendly and easy to digest, which is why you can also feed it if your dog has a rather sensitive gastrointestinal tract.

Cucumber for dogs, is that okay?

Oh yes, that’s so clear!

The cucumber is too 95% water and is therefore a welcome one Refreshment on hot summer days.

Ideal if your dog drinks little. So you can one dehydration prevent.

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What else can the cucumber do?

The low-calorie cucumber great for feeding when your dog is too overweight tends.

Besides, she is easily digestible and can also as light food to be fed.

Cucumbers also have in dogs anti-inflammatory properties and can prevent cancer.

Cucumber as a light food

Cucumbers are easy to digest and can soothe the stomach.

With rice, chicken and some quark, they make the ideal light diet if your dog has a nervous stomach.

Good to know:

However, if you are feeding cucumbers as a bland diet, you should peel them first, as the cucumber skin is not that easy to digest.

Positive components of cucumbers

Although cucumbers are mostly water, they provide some important nutrients. Cucumbers contain:


Antioxidants, or flavonoids, help the body deal with free radicals.

This super power the cucumber helps your dog stay healthy for a long time and helps prevent chronic diseases.


In addition to their positive properties, cucumbers can also have dangerous ingredients!

The cucumber poses these dangers

Homegrown cucumbers can contain the bitter substance cucurbitacin!

Cucurbitacin is toxic and can occur in both dogs and humans poisoning to lead.

Commercially available cucumbers usually do not contain the bitter substance.

Good to know:

You can recognize cucurbitacin by its bitter taste. So if your cucumber tastes bitter, you should neither feed it to your dog nor eat it yourself.

Symptoms of cucurbitacin poisoning

How do you recognize poisoning from the bitter substance cucurbitacin?

If your dog exhibits the following symptoms after eating cucumbers, be sure to see a veterinarian:

  • nausea
  • Vomit
  • state of shock
  • drowsiness
  • disorientation
  • heavy salivation


It’s always helpful for a veterinarian to be able to tell them where the symptoms of poisoning are coming from. So let him know what your dog ate.

How can I feed my dog ​​cucumbers?

Cucumbers are suitable both as a small snack in between and to spice up the daily meal.

Barfers in particular are familiar with the daily pureeing of vegetables for their dogs.

Pureeing is important because this is the only way your dog can absorb the nutrients from fruit and vegetables.

If it’s about organic cucumbers it is enough to wash the cucumber thoroughly. In this case, you don’t need to peel them.

How much cucumber can my dog ​​eat?

Your dog can feast properly on the cucumber!

You can even put them in the bowl every day.


If your dog has never eaten cucumbers, it is better to start with a small portion to find out whether your dog likes the cucumber and can tolerate it.

Can all dogs eat cucumbers?

In general, there is nothing to be said against it, since cucumbers are only harmful to dogs if they Bitter substance cucurbitacin contain.

If your dog is healthy, you can feed him cucumbers at any age without hesitation.

Can dogs eat cucumbers with their skins on?

yes they may

Most of the vitamins are hidden under the skin!

You should, however, whenever possible Organic vegetables buy so you don’t feed your dog chemicals and toxins.

In addition, the skin of organic cucumbers is not waxed.

Can dogs eat pickled cucumbers?

Pickled cucumbers are not suitable for feeding your dog.


Because they are mostly made with different herbs and spices, like pepper and mustard seedsin Vinegar be inserted.

Also, pickled cucumbers will mostly Sugar added, which is absolutely taboo for dogs.

We recommend feeding your dog only fresh cucumbers!

Would you like to feed your dog cucumbers? You have to pay attention to that

There is usually little to consider when feeding cucumbers.

Be careful with home-grown vegetables, as cucumbers from your own garden can develop the bitter substance cucurbitacin.

If the cucumber tastes bitter, don’t feed it!

Otherwise, cucumbers are good as an occasional treat or pureed with the main meal.

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