Can dogs eat beef bones? A pro clears it up!

Bones are very special treats for dogs.

They serve not only as a reward or gift, but train also the jaw of your four-legged friend and give him one occupation.

In addition, chewing bones supports the oral hygiene and protects teeth from abrasion.

In this article you will find out which beef bones are good for your dog and how best to feed them.

Can my dog ​​eat beef bones?

In fact, dogs are allowed to eat cattle bones once in a while.

They take care of your four-legged friend important minerals such as magnesium and calcium. In addition, the jaw and head muscles of the dog strengthened.

Your darling has one natural chewing instinct, which is slaked by a bone for several days. Beef bones also help to protect teeth.

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Are Beef Bones Dangerous to Dogs?

Basically are raw beef bones not dangerous for your fur nose as long as they don’t contain any small splinters.

Pay attention to the bones only raw to feed and no small bonesfor example chicken bones.

They can get your darling stuck in the throat. Beef bones are also allowed once a week be fed, otherwise they can have a laxative effect.

In addition, an overdose of calcium can ensure that your darling health damage such as an underactive thyroid or kidney disease may develop.

What beef bones can I give my dog?

You may give your dog any beef bones that are raw and no splinters contain.

If you want to do your loved one a special favor, you can do one for them Bones from the butcher bring as long as this not processed became.

You best watch out, bones with sufficient leftover meat to feed. Not only do they taste the best for your four-legged friend, they also ensure a comprehensive supply of food nutrients.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can put beef bones in animal specialty shops buy.

They have different varieties on offer and can give you comprehensive advice on your breed.


Dogs only eat raw bonesno cooked or boiled!

If you give your dog a cooked beef bones give it, it can splinter when chewing and your darling in the mouth or throat fatally injure.

In addition, large breeds of dogs should maximum one bone per week receive. For small dogs, one or two bones a month is enough.

If this amount is permanently exceeded, it can lead to an overdose of calcium and thus to serious illnesses chronic diseases your fur nose come.

What is the best way to feed beef bones?

Before you give your four-legged friend a bone, you can challenge him. Practice one with him special trick and reward him for success with a beef bone.

When chewing, your fur nose will withdraw and concentrate on itself and its prey. It’s a good one Compensation for sport and training.

However, make sure that your dog is no other treats got.

A beef bone has a certain calorie density and can increase if the diet is incorrect overweight to lead.

only give to your dog under the supervision a bone in your home so that you can intervene in an emergency if a splinter should ever come loose.

It is best to put the days in the calendar feast where your darling gets a beef bone. This way you can make sure he doesn’t overfeed.


beef bones are good for dogs, however only in the raw state.

You train them jaw muscles of your favorite, deliver important nutrients and satisfy him natural chewing instinct your dog.

Boiled and cooked bones are taboobecause they can splinter when chewed and seriously injure your fur nose.

How often do you feed your dog beef bones? Share your experiences in a comment!

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