Can dogs eat asparagus? A pro clears it up!

Many of us look forward to the next asparagus season all year round. It is not surprising that one or the other dog owner asks himself: “Can my dog ​​eat asparagus too?”

Not every vegetable is suitable for feeding your dog.

In this article we will explain whether you can feed your dog green and white asparagus without hesitation!

In a nutshell: Can my dog ​​eat asparagus?

Yes, dogs can eat asparagus! Many dogs love cooked asparagus. They are not choosy, it can be white as well as green asparagus. Green asparagus is also suitable as a raw snack. White asparagus is also harmless raw, but can be digested much better when cooked.

Asparagus & dog: does that go together?

Yes, that goes well together!

dogs are allowed both green and white asparagus eat. However, there are a few differences in the feeding, which we will go into later in the text.

Asparagus is healthy and low in calories, has a draining and diuretic effect.

Those contained in asparagus fiber are beneficial for both you and your dog’s digestion.

So feel free to feed your dog asparagus occasionally!

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Differences between green and white asparagus

Green asparagusWhite AsparagusConsists of 93% water and is very low in fat.Consists mainly of water and fiber.Contains vitamins C,E,K, biotin, beta-carotene and the minerals magnesium, iron, copper and manganese.Since white asparagus grows underground and is not exposed to sunlight, it contains fewer vitamins and minerals. You can feed it raw and cooked. It can also be fed raw, but it is easier to digest when cooked. Green asparagus does not need to be peeled. Must be peeled before consumption.

You can occasionally feed both types of asparagus to your dog.

Feeding recommendation asparagus

To take your dog all around nutrients to take care of is one species-appropriate and varied diet important. It’s great that you’re looking into this!

The feeding of vegetables and fruit contributes significantly to the vitality and health of our dogs, but is not a main part of the diet.

So you should only feed asparagus every now and then and in reasonable amounts.

Since both types of asparagus strong diuretic work, you should definitely give your dog the opportunity to relax after feeding. It is best not to feed asparagus directly before going to bed, but rather for breakfast.

Good to know:

The protein asparagine is responsible for the diuretic effect in asparagus. Since asparagus consists almost entirely of water, we like to take advantage of these dietary properties.

How much asparagus can my dog ​​eat?

Of course, how much asparagus your dog can eat depends on his height and weight.

Small dogs should only few bits get a week while big dogs gladly a few spears of asparagus allowed to plaster.

Can all dogs eat asparagus?

In fact not.

Because of its diuretic properties, dogs are allowed kidney problems don’t eat asparagus! It could worsen the kidney damage.

Asparagus allergy and intolerance in dogs

One Allergy to asparagus rarely if ever occurs.

One intolerance occurs occasionally and manifests itself in Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and flatulence.

It is therefore always advisable to try something new in small portions first.

If you find that your dog is not doing well after feeding asparagus, switch to other vegetables and consult your veterinarian for advice.

Is Asparagus Toxic to Dogs?

No, asparagus is definitely not toxic to dogs.

You can safely feed it to your healthy dog!

Only the peel of white asparagus is difficult for dogs to digest.

all clear:

If your dog stole a few white asparagus spears from the shopping basket after your visit to the market, that’s no tragedy. He may react with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. If symptoms persist, you should contact a vet as a precaution.

Can dogs eat canned asparagus?

No, canned asparagus is not suitable for dogsas preservatives and other ingredients that are dangerous for dogs are often added to it to preserve it.


Since asparagus is not available all year round, it makes sense to freeze it in portions. You can prepare the asparagus normally and then put it in the freezer. Here it stays for up to six months.

Asparagus with sauce, is that good for the dog?

Many of us probably love Hollandaise sauce even more than the asparagus itself. A perfect asparagus dish is only complete with hollandaise?

Not for your dog! Sauce Hollandaise, Bernaise and Co. are not suitable for feeding your dog!

So if you «accidentally» slip a bite off your plate, make sure it’s free of sauce and spices.

In short: Can dogs eat asparagus?

Yes, Dogs can eat asparagus without hesitation!

When feeding you should pay attention to the Differences between green and white asparagus regard.

You can feed green asparagus raw, cooked and unpeeled, white asparagus must always be peeled and cooked.

At best, pick up organic quality back so you don’t feed your dog pesticides and pollutants.

You can freeze asparagus perfectly and still have a treat for you and your dog in the freezer six months after the asparagus season!

Do you have any questions about feeding asparagus? Then just write us a comment under this article.