Can dog fleas spread to humans? Advice & tips

One of the probably most annoying parasite for dogs is the dog flea. Not only that he bites and then the dog itches – that too Risk of secondary infections is relatively high.

And what about that actually? dog flea in humans out of? Does it jump and how is a flea infestation treated?

Find out the answers in the following guide!

Do dog fleas get on humans?

The very clear answer to whether dog fleas pass to humans is: Yes, dog fleas can be transmitted to humans.

The good news: Fleas can be transmitted to humans through dogs.

BUT: The little beasts cannot reproduce on us as a host.

And that is at least a small ray of hope on the horizon that may currently be infested with fleas.

If you’re wondering whether dog lice get on humans, we can put your mind at ease because the answer is no.

Good to know

Flea bites can be extremely uncomfortable. Just because fleas can’t reproduce doesn’t mean they can’t still bite hard.

With a strong reaction to flea bites, it can unpleasantly itchy and extensive red skin eczema come.

Dog flea in humans – treatment

Did a dog flea get you, or several? In the Treatment it is first about taking care of the itching take care of. We explain yours options!

With you

As a rule, a dog flea does not stay on you as a host for long. That means you primarily the itching should care.

To alleviate this, there is various ointments in the pharmacythat work effectively. Cold water can also provide relief.

If you suffer from a particularly severe reaction to the flea bite, antihistamines taken orally help.

With your dog

If your dog has a flea infestation, it should veterinarian treated with an appropriate remedy become.

This usually works within a few days and the fleas on the dog fall off the dog dead after that time.

By the way, you can use a flea remedy as powder, spray, shampoo or tablets receive.

In some cases, the vet will give the dog a pill.

Good to know

Regardless of whether the fleas «only» got your dog or both of you: Now is the time to be meticulous about hygiene.

Because the Flea eggs can live up to 2 months even without a host survive.

That’s why you really should everything that was in contact with your dog and also you, at least 60 degrees wash.

In addition, should All surfaces cleaned and disinfected become.

A tedious job – but if you don’t do it, the fun will start all over again in a few weeks.

How long does dog flea treatment last?

In order to “catch” the first fleas, all that is usually required is effective anti-flea therapywhich kicks in within a few days.

However, fleas have one Lifespan of up to 3 months.

To be sure that all parasites have been rendered harmless, flea treatment should also span this period.

Good to know

Do you just suspect your dog has fleas at first? And then there’s a simple trick to catch the culprit.

For this you take one of the black dots from the fur and place it on a damp piece of kitchen paper. Then you gently rub the point.

Does he turn red does your dog have fleas The point is indeed flea feces.

How can I prevent transmission of a dog flea?

There are different ways and meansto get dog fleas on people to prevent. These include some home remedies and the infamous spot-ons.

These always cause discussions.

Also flea collars can be used for prevention. The Protection from fleas lasts several months here at.

Do you choose one preventive home remedyamong other things Coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, peppermint and heavily diluted lemon oil help.

Nevertheless, it usually is makes more sense for the dog and its healthnow and then to one spot on to grab.

There are also known risks and side effects associated with the administration of spot-ons.

BUT: Have you ever had a dog that got really seriously ill from a flea infestation is?

Ein Spot-On can help prevent other diseases from breaking out in the first place and can endanger the dog’s life.


A dog flea preferred though Dogs as the main host. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t sometimes jump over to us humans can.

Have you noticed that you and your four-legged friend have been visited by this annoying parasite?

Then it means: Clean and disinfect, as much as possible. In addition, your fur nose should anti-flea therapy make.

So that fleas don’t keep coming back, you can both herbal and chemical means in prevention use.

Has your dog ever had fleas? If yes: How did you manage to eliminate them and how do you prevent a renewed flea infestation?

We’d love for you to share your tips with us in the comments.