Camilo Martinez the winner of La Voz Colombia

The Antioqueno Camilo Martinez with 37 percent of the vote was the winner of the second season of The Voice of Colombia.

Camilo was part of the Cepeda teamwhom the artist from Antioquia chose after the four coaches turned their chairs in the blind audition.

This audition drew a lot of attention since Camilo is blind and was on stage accompanied by his guide dog. There, in that first meeting with the coaches, he also showed his good sense of humor by stating that this was an audition. “truly blind”.

Camilo is 27 years old, he was born in Medellin, with some health problems, but he got ahead thanks to the education that his family gave him. His mother always reminded him that his visual limitation was not an impediment to going very far.

Camilo usually performs rancheras and it is a genre in which he feels very comfortable, and a ranchera was the song he chose for the grand finale.

Camilo also conquered the public for his good sense of humor: “Normally I am happy despite the adversities of life, I am also a dreamer who wants with my songs and my testimony to awaken the conscience of each one of those who listen to me and leave in their minds a part of my dream of achieving a better world. human, less material, where people are worth what they are, not what they have, a world where there is always charity and love for others, even more so for those who do not share our beliefs and customs”assured.

Doing things with love, with the heart and with the eyes of the soul is what Camilo considered his best strategy, in addition to his voice, to win this contest that awarded him the contract to record an album and 600 million pesos.

In second place was Jesica Cleanwaterparticipant of Montaner teamthe third place, according to the votes of the public, went to Anita and the room for j chainboth participants of the santarosa team. Fanny Luanother of this season’s coaches, ran out of competitors for the final.

The first season of The voice Colombia was won by another Antioqueña, Mirandawho was part of the team Ricardo Montaner.

This week the winners of the other versions of La Voz were also chosen in countries such as the United States, where the Jamaican Tessanne Chin won, who was part of Adam Levine’s team, and in Spain, where David Barrul of the Madrid singer Malú’s team won.

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