Camilo and Evaluna’s prank on Jimmy Fallon with the name of their son

So funny this pair! They know what they are going for and that is why the Camilo and Evaluna’s prank on Jimmy Fallon in The Tonight Showone of the most famous talk shows in the world.

The Tonight Show It is one of the television programs with the greatest impact on entertainment culture in the United States, since it premiered in 1954 and it is a variety space that includes two interviewees and a musical show. It is currently presented by comedian Jimmy Fallon, successor of none other than American TV legend Jay Lenowho now hosts a show about cars.

But the high level of the stage did not discourage this young couple, who knew that it was a unique opportunity to make a name for themselves in this competitive entertainment industry and that is why They did not miss an opportunity to attract attention and they did it in the style of their generation: with a joke.

This was Camilo and Evaluna’s prank on Jimmy Fallon about Indigo

Camilo and Evaluna are from a generation that knows the impact that social networks can have and that is why they did not miss the opportunity to go viral by playing a little prank on the experienced comedian Jimmy Fallon; For this, they chose the news of the moment: Indigo, the baby they are expecting together, whose announcement to the public stole the hearts of thousands of Internet users.

And it is that as it is news, everyone knows that the baby of this couple will be called Indigo, and that is also the name of the song that they dedicated to her and that is going around the world. During the program, just before going on stage as musical guests, Jimmy took the opportunity to give them a gift for their baby: a t-shirt with the show’s logo.

So, this pair came up with the idea of ​​telling him that they had decided to change the name of their offspring in honor of him and call him Jimmy. Obviously the moment was very funny…

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