Camilo and Evaluna Montaner sing Machu Picchu together

Again Camilo and Evaluna Montaner unite their voices to share with the tribe, as they call their followers a new song.

The married couple who recently celebrated their anniversary, decided to start the week with excellent newsthe release of a new song called ‘Machi Picchu’.

«Machu Picchu» was launched at noon on Monday and It already has about 3 and a half million viewss on YouTube.

The new of Camilo and Evaluna Montaner ‘Machu Picchu’

this simple is part of the album ‘Mis Manos’ which will be released on March 5 on all digital platforms.

Although the song has had a good acceptance among its followers, many really expected him to talk about ‘Machu Picchu’.

However, Camilo explained during an activity he did on Zoom and on his social networks that the song bears this name as a tribute to Peru, since that was where he began his internationalization.

“I have had the opportunity to be in Lima several times, I haven’t had the opportunity to visit all of Peru yet, but I I dreamed of making a song that, although it was about love, had at its center the sonority of the country, which we also share all Andean nations. For that I helped myself with a gift that the tribe of Peru gave me, a charango that I explore a little every day”.

Camilo Echeverry’s words during an interview on Zoom.

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