Camilo and Evaluna confirm the birth of their baby with moving images

The speculations were true! Camilo and Evaluna confirm the birth of their baby with moving images that watered the eye of more than one.

Although in recent days the social networks exploded after various international media affirmed that little Indigo had already been born, a product of the relationship between the renowned artists Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry, many were totally incredulous at said information, since given that the The family had not commented on the matter, they believed that it would only be fake news and that the singer had not yet given birth… But they were very wrong!

Well, Camilo and Evaluna are already parents! And to confirm such important news, they went to their official Instagram accounts to share a beautiful publication with which they presented the new member of their family to their thousands of followers. OMG!

Camilo and Evaluna confirm the birth of their baby with moving images

In the tender images several details of the moment in which the daughter of the renowned singer Ricardo Montaner, would be in labor, something that left her fans completely speechless, because in them Evaluna is seen with her husband giving birth by through an old birthing technique known as «water birth,» which involves laboring in a tub filled with water in your own home.

Apparently the birth of little Indigo took place in her place of residence called ‘La hive’, which is located in a very exclusive area of ​​the city of Miami, from where the singers also showed small beautiful images such as the little feet of the baby and a moment when the man from Antioquia sang his song to his daughter.

The publication was accompanied by an emotional message from the interpreter of «The same air», who highlighted the incredible strength and courage of his wife.

“Indigo was born. God was present in every second of the birth in our home. She is a happy and curious girl. Evaluna is the strongest, most virtuous, and bravest woman who has walked this planet. All my respect, my service and my dedication to the queen of this house! Thank you for all her messages, her prayers and the gushing of love and light that you have sent here!! The Tribe grew ⛺️🔥☁️ (Putting down the phone again to take another nap the 3 of them)”

It should be noted that so far the images have more than 5 million «likes» and thousands of reactions in which their fans do not stop congratulating them.

Here his post:

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