Camila premieres video of her song «Decidistes dejame»

After almost two years of absence, the Mexican group Camila returns to the music scene and today premieres the video clip of the song «Decidiste Dejarme», the first single from their third album called ‘Elypse’.

On this occasion they are no longer accompanied by Samo, who has started his career as a soloist; however, Mario Domm and Pablo Hurtado decided to continue with the musical project that saw them born in 2005.

“It is a song with the body of a ballad, but dressed as a devil”, He says mario domm about “You decided to leave me”, first sound track Elypsethe third and long-awaited album by Camila after a transformative hiatus of nearly two years. And she is right.

This is reflected in his video clip, where the calm of the black and white introduction disintegrates with the rage of keys, guitars, voices, programming and drums, all in a luminous assault that paints a complicit smile on our faces. As the composer underlines, this piece transmits the powerful reincarnation of the now duo “no rules, no comfort, no limits, no fear”.

“You decided to leave me”, their first single, a powerful ballad wrapped in fire that shows them in the video more determined than ever.

The video was shot in The Angels, California, which was the Los Angeles Times printing press and is now out of service. Two locations within the same printing house were used to create the scenario “black and white” and painted by lasers and mainly blue.

The filming lasted about 15 hours, plus a previous day in which the sets were built, the instruments were painted, the explosions were tested and everything was ready for the day of filming.

The video was directed and made by Jeff Nicholas Y Jonathan Craven, who are in charge of a creative agency that has worked on content and videos for artists such as Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Foo Fighters, Alicia Keysamong others.

The moment where the chorus becomes more intense is visually represented with the explosion of a wall made up of more than 50 televisions, for which gas tanks were used in order to make the effect 100% real.

The topic “You decided to leave me” It is already placed in the Top 5 of the radio nationwide and undoubtedly marks the powerful and long-awaited return of the Camila group to music after 2 years of absence.

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The Elypse album will be released on June 3.