Camera, action and meow. Happy cat day!

A few years ago it was decided, through social networks, that cats should have a day dedicated to them and to those who fight to make their lives better. Thus, it was chosen February 20th to commemorate these little felines, as a way of honoring one of the most emblematic cats in history: the popular Socks, the cat of the White House, deceased in 2001.

According to figures from the TGI study, in Colombia, cats are the second most popular pet in homes, only surpassed in percentage by dogs. According to Secretariat of Health of the Capital District, exist near 150,000 cats in Bogota homes.

To serve this market, there are a whole series of products and services that range from food to health insurance. It is estimated that the owner of a cat could spend an average of between 70,000 and 210,000 pesos per month on its maintenance.

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